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One of my vaxes has irregular VDI connection - ideas?

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Hi guys,


Over a period of time my preferred vaxplant has become more unstable with it's connection to my Pod HD500. It started out really a very rare occurrence, and now is barely connecting. I thought it may be the jackplate connection on the PCB, (and I'm going to have a look closely if any of the pins are out of place inside the VDI output, but the intermittent thing has me doubting this as the problem), but I get a good connection through the jack output to a normal amp, using a battery for power, so the connection to PCB must/should be good surely? Would there be something on the board itself to cause this problem? I would love to NOT have to take it to a service agent if possible.


I'm not exactly desperate with this problem, as I can still connect to the Pod using the jack output (though obviously losing preset guitar patch control), and I have another which I usually only use as a backup, because I prefer the feel of the maple 'board one.


Anyone ever have this problem and manage to resolve it themselves?


Any ideas gratefully accepted. :)



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I THINK I've fixed it. Saturday's gig will be the big test...


I had replaced the jack plate assemblies on both vaxplants with the new JTV assembies complete with spring loaded VDI cover. I took the VDI connection out of one of the old ones and replaced the newer one. Voila - problem gone.

Maybe just re-seating connections did it, not sure, but I'd sure be disappointed if the newer VDI connection was lesser quality than the original one.....

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