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Is Amplifi still being updated and improved?


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It seems like quite a few no-brainer features are still not added to the amp, like more than 1 bank selection, being able to map the FX knob to the Presence knob, things like that, I'm curious if we are really going to be able to expect any more updates for this amp, or if this has been long since forgotten?

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It breaks my heart to hear this answer, hahaha.


This amp could easily sell a ton more if they implemented these obvious features. I've had it less than a week, and I love it, but I'm wondering if it's time to return it for a THR10.


Especially with the reports of people having the amp die in 3-4 months -_- Not really looking to have spent 100 a month to 'rent' the amp

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Updating the software? You mean, like responding to customers, making them satisfied and providing value? Is that what you expect? Who are YOU? You're asking if they are actually going to make the huge list of software fixes and reasonable enhancements normal customers would expect?



They are not. Fly by night amateurs. Read any one of these forums for the same exact story over and over again. Oh, the good piece of advice is to try contacting them and they may get back to you by the time they go out of business. 


Maybe they're all moonlighting for Russian hackers taking down governments while we pay them for crap products. 

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