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Can't download "Play Jam Tracks" in AMPLIFi App


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We have not been able to reproduce this issue on multiple devices in multiple locations worldwide. We encourage anyone experiencing this issue to:

  • log out of the app
  • close the app
  • uninstall the app
  • power cycle your device
  • reinstall the app
  • try to download again without connecting to the amp

If the download fails, please start a ticket with our staff at, and include your device type, OS version and app version.

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The same problem here. I just updated the iOS firmware to 10.2.1and deleted and downloaded the apmlifi app again, but it still can't download tha jamtracks. If I hit the download button it shows "demo smthing" for a split second, but nothing else happens.

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I also just purchased a Line 6 Amplifi 150. I finally figured out which patch to download and how to install the updater on my Android O/S tablet. That took a couple hours, so not too bad.  It took a couple days to figure out how to get the 25 banks of  factory presets but basically all I did was reset the amp to the factory settings and the presets automatically downloaded.  Now the only glitch I have to fix are the jam tracks.  I have the same issue as the postings above, I get the Demo jam track but nothing else.


I followed the instructions of Line6Tony of November 2016.  I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't lose all of the progress I had made so far.  I did not lose anything but  the   suggestion of Line6Tony  did not solve the problem  either.  Are there any other suggestions out there? Is the only option to contact IT support?

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I am having the same issue. When I first got the TT the jam tracks downloaded and everything was ok. Now, nothing except the demos download; cloud icon is coloured in, but nothing in the folder.

All deleting/re-installing, logging out and back in etc. as above has no effect.


Very annoying.

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