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Amplifi75 or Spider V 60


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Hi All,

I currently have a Amplif75 and am looking at getting the new Spider V 60 mainly because of the external controls for model selection and editing on the AMP, rather than the App only ones on the Amplifi.

In your opinion, would it be an upgrade or downgrade going from a Amplifi to a Spider V?

Are the emulated tones better?

Is a Amplifi75 volume similar to the Spider V 60, or would it be wise to go to a Spider V 120? I only ever play at home so do not need it for gigging or XLR outputs.


The App looks similar and it looks like the access the same cloud database for tones.


Thanks for your recommendation.

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I haven't heard or played a Spider V in person yet, but the models set in the Spider and the AMPLIFi are basically the same, and the signal flow architecture is identical. So tonally, I'd expect them to be very close. It really comes to what of the other features you find important. The Spider V has built-in drum tracks, and a looper. The AMPLIFi streams over BT, so it's actually pretty easy to use whatever backing tracks you want, but it doesn't have looper.


I guess I don't necessarily consider going from one to the other an upgrade or a downgrade. They each offer some unique features over the other one, and it just depends which of those is most important to you.

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I have an AmpliFi 30 and a Spider V 60 and most are (I have only found a couple of tones that are not) compatible between both. They do not sound identical to me, but then I am comparing a 30W amp with tiny speakers to a 60W amp with a 10" speaker + tweeter, that been said, I have had no difficulty loading loading my tones from the older AmpliFi into the newer Spider V with only minor changes to the amp knobs and maybe re-level match the volume, as I have not had the need to change anything else within the patch.


Oh and the compatibility seems to be from AmpliFi to Spider, as *all* of the tones from my AmpliFi that I have exported to the Spider V have loaded without issues, but a few of the tones that I exported from the Spider V back to the AmpliFi gave me a tone load error on the AmpliFi app. I remember the Spider V "Linc Dirty" tone was one, can't remember what the other one was.


One feature I loved when moving tones back and forth between both amps is that both the AmpliFi and the Spider V apps load the same tone list, so if you create a tone on the AmpliFi and later think "Wouldn't it be great if I had this on the Spider V as well?" well, yes you can!


If Line 6 is reading this: I think the compatibility issues that I am seeing moving tones from the Spider V to the AmpliFi might be due to a file format difference. I liked the Linc Dirty tone so much that I fired up both apps side by side and copied all settings by hand (thinking maybe there was some Spider stomp model that the AmpliFi did not have and I could maybe sub with another model) and I realized all models and parameters were available on the AmpliFi... hence why I do not understand why I couldn't just transfer the tone, so maybe some subtle file format difference? or... *gasp!* (cue ominous music) DRM maybe? :D

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Not really an upgrade or downgrade. More like a case of a couple different options. Spider V can be controlled from the App or the amp itself opposed to amplifi really needing the App to be controlled. With Spider V, the mobile device must be physically connected to the amp instead of bluetooth(which I actually like), but you get the super easy wireless option with Spider V as it serves as the receiver for Relay G10.

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Guest Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky

reopen this topic.....

but how is the difference in what you hear?

The amplifi is a stereo speaker configuration while the spider has a mono speaker system.....

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