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  1. Tcamponovo

    Helix with an acoustic guitar?

    I like to just run my acoustic with an eq, compressor(sometimes), reverb, and delay. All in Helix. Never need a DI. Sounds great this way. Using the tube preamp on helix also sounds great with acoustic.
  2. Tcamponovo

    Recording pure guitar tone, monitoring processed

    If I understand correctly, you should be able to do this using a plug-in such as Helix Native, etc. You turn the plug-in off and the signal is totally dry. Turn it on and you get whatever you want. What you hear in the monitor will be what ever is going on in the DAW. Dry without plaugin, wet when plugin is on. Hope this helps. Sorry if I am misunderstanding!
  3. Tcamponovo

    Spider and POD HD500x

    Just use the POD as an effects pedal. No amp or cab simulating.
  4. Tcamponovo

    Newbie to Line 6 Spider V

    Make sure the switch on the back is set to "IOS" device. Also some times you just have to log out and log back in to refresh everything. Also make sure the app and amp are both up to date.
  5. Tcamponovo

    customtone page?

    Once your phone and Spider V are synced up, the app will override the amp settings unless you tweak them physically on the amp. Once you save a preset from the app onto the Spider V, it will always go to those settings once the preset is called up.
  6. Tcamponovo

    New Helix user looking for ideas

    Decent quality studio monitors are great. Same with floor wedges. QSC, and Yamaha make some good sounding stuff that I've used.
  7. Tcamponovo

    Helix LT sucks. Badly.

    Headphones are definitely the worst possible way to listen to Helix, or anything else like it. Actual monitors sound much better. If you are running it through an actual guitar amp, then you either need to go 4 cable method or bypass amp all together and just use the effects. Otherwise the results will probably sound pretty bad as this is not how it is intended to be used. Maybe with some high quality studio headphones it would sound a little better. But to just hear it in a room, monitors are the way to go.
  8. Tcamponovo

    looper record, on,off

    The FBV3 control the looper with zero problems.
  9. Tcamponovo

    Spider V 60 - Getting distortion in every effect

    Double check the amp has been updated. I know that's probably obvious, but sometimes outdated firmware can do goofy things.
  10. Tcamponovo

    Using Helix with Helix Native

    Agreed! At this point, I'm totally dependent on Helix family stuff! LOL. So glad its working for you!
  11. Tcamponovo

    High gain tone matching with Helix Native

    I've noticed that sometimes shaving a little bass and treble in global eq can really improve overall sound. Helps with the sometimes 'compressed' tone of a direct line signal.
  12. Tcamponovo

    Helix Floor as interface so why buy Native?

    I use Helix rack as my interface as well. I have a blank usb setting for when I'm running native. The beauty of the plugin is that the affected sound can be made totally dry. This is handy for re-amping later in the studio or whatever the engineer wants to change, add, etc later on. This helps you to get the sound you feel comfortable with but can still be changed later. Or you can try many different amp sounds/affects after you recorded your guitar.
  13. Tcamponovo

    POD HD500x latency?

    If you are using a DAW with Hd500 as your interface, check your bit rate and possible "low Latency" settings. Also, maybe try plugging your headphones into the computer rather than the actual unit itself.
  14. Tcamponovo

    Using Helix with Helix Native

    I've also been using Helix Rack as my interface. Using an empty preset then using the Native plug in for my sounds. This is working well with Logic on a MAC and I have no other interface. It is worth mentioning that you should use a low sample rate and any low latency setting you have in your DAW. Since my rig is so different, this may not be helpful. But just in case!
  15. Tcamponovo

    Can Helix Native be used live? If not, why?

    Native should be fine for live use. From my experience and understanding, it would be similar to how keyboard players use computers for midi, etc. onstage. You will need an interface. From the interface, just run into the board (front of house), or into your powered monitors of choice. You'll want to make sure you are in "Low Latency" setting in Logic, as well as having sample rate set as low as possible. If you need footswitches, you may be better off going with the rack + Helix control or just the Helix floor or LT models. There may be other ways of doing this live, but this should be a totally usable rig. Hope this helps. Good luck and have fun!