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Replacing Magnetic Pickups

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Could be the power mange circuit in the battery box on the guitar. Solder point or program glitch could send a "false battery low signal" to the main board,

which would keep it from turning on.


And don't use any of those cheap 3rd party batteries, use the correct Line 6 versions. Have had a number of problems with other batteries from other sources.


Have the JTV-59 checked out at your local Line 6 service center,....



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Thank you for your post. 
I only have original products. It also does not work on the bench. 
Grateful, but here in Brazil there is no authorized technical assistance? 
When I go to the USA I will take to check. It is the best.
Sincerely, Cesar, Rio, Brazil

Agradeço a sua postagem. Só tenho produtos originais. Ela não funciona também na bancada. Grato, mas aqui no Brasil não há uma assistência técnica autorizada? Quando for aos EUA levarei para verificar. É o melhor.
Atenciosamente Cesar, Rio, Brasil

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@psarkissian Any issue with putting a TV Jones Classic 4.8k humbucker into the bridge position of a JTV-69? I've had it in a standard strat and wanting to put it in my Variax because I really like the sound. I know you've recommending 6-8k but wondering if that is due to going north of that range more so than south of that range. Being like a 12K pickup may cause issues while something like a 5k may sound brighter but still be ok as far as the circuit is concerned. Thanks in advance!

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