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Free recording software where do I find it?


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Hey there, I don't have a SV, so what free software were you supposed to get and did you check the DL area (link is above Support)?



The free software is Cubase LE8. After registering, you get a promo code and it will give you a link to the Steinberg, where you get the actual license key and the software download. It was pretty easy. Oh and make sure that you download the appropriate drivers from the Line 6 downloads section as this will give you the low-latency ASIO driver. The driver cannot be downloaded from Steinberg, you need to use the Line 6 driver.

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I registered and got nothing.

Login to and click on "Purchase History" on the left side of the window. You should see at the top or near the op of the page under "Account Activity" a line with "Cubase LE8". If you click on "Details" to the left under "Order #", it should take you to the page that has the link to the digital download and activation code for Cubase LE8.


If it does not, I would suggest to contact Line 6 Customer Support and they can sort you out.

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hello, I purchased a FBX 3 and have just registered it in hopes of gaining access to the Cubebase free editing software, but have been unable to do so. I recieved an email saying i could download free software but it was off of the line 6 website with programs like Amp Farm and not the Cubebase LE8. How am i supposed to access the Cubebase program?

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