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I'm considering buying a Pod HD500X - questions!


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Hi there!


Haven't used this forum for awhile, but thought it would be the right place to ask this questions  ;)


So, I'm a long time Boss user and have used their GT-10 for quite some years now.

I've always found it easy and great sounding, once you get the basics properly layed down!


Now I'm thinking of trying out something different, to see how that sounds and what I can do with it.

I've therefore been looking at the Pod HD500X.

I'm looking to fully use the amp and cab modellers in the unit too! I've done so on the GT-10 as well.

But I have a question, before I start digging deeper!


Well, the best feature the Boss GT-10 has is the ability to assign effects to CTL footswitches, and also assigning more than one effect to one footswitch. Therefore it's really important for me to know if the Pod HD500X can do the same thing?

For example - starting out with a clean amp, chorus and reverb, then later switch the amp to an overdriven amp, turn off chorus, add delay and a comp. Will something like that be possible?? And can it be done within ONE footswitch?


I play in a Partyband and we play a lot of different songs, so I have to be able to switch between sounds like that. And it has to be within one patch also. I'm not looking to have one patch for clean and that stuff and then another for drive and solo.


I hope this makes sense!


Thanks  :)

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As he says but I think the GT10 COSM is good enough and you are used to it and know it!

The HD's aren't so preset friendly but it is easy to edit on the unit or in your computer once you know how.

Problem is you wont be use to it and it is going to frustrate you no end relearning and I honestly believe it too be a step sideways rather than a step up. The HD amp models slightly better to me from memory.


The tweaking in the GT seemed to be more suited to finding a preset that worked where with the HD presets show it off but you'd have to craft the tones from scratch to really get a better tone than the GT.


I've had mine for 3 years and it can still be mind boggling at times but I can easily tweak on the device and it is easily accessible.


If you were going to the Helix I'd say no worries it'd  be a giant step up.

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Hi !


As answered above Yes you can assign every switch to control different parameters and functions. Also you can assign real time control to the expression pedal so you will have a huge variety of different set ups ! And it took me 3 weeks of lets say 1-2 hrs a day to fly through the menu in the HD500x. As everything else (even a different smartphone!) it's a quick process of learning how the basics work and then it will become just natural . Don't forget to download ADVANCED MANUAL and then you will learn all there is to learn in this unit to get the optimum max out of it !  

Link here --- http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c6fb051e03e8ab63dc/application/pdf/POD%20HD500X%20Advanced%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf


Hope this helps ! 


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