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Fbv Shortboard Mk1

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Flextone III with an FBV Shortboard MK1 - I'm barrowing this amp and pedal from a friend of mine for a few month's. I'm new to the amp and REALLY like it so far. Sounds amazing. I can't find the advanced manual anywhere. Anyone know where I can find it? Can someone kindly email it to me?


What I'm trying to do on the shortboard - I like bank 4C (you remind me) and I like bank 1C (blackface lux). I would like to put them side by side on the same bank so that I don't have to hit the bank up and down button to select these two channels.


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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The presets are stored on the amp, not on the Shortboard. You can save, copy, and rename the presets with the Shortboard if you want. It is probably easier to do it through the Line 6 Edit program, though.


The manual can be found here:

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Thanks phil_m. I was able to program the footswitch to my liking.


Another question - The Delay footswitch/button is broken, simple pressing it does nothing..... no click sound like the others.

Kinda hard to name the presets without it. Would you recommend I send it to someone who can repair it or if I purchase an OEM button, is it easy enough for me to do myself. Thanks!

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