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Hi there looking for marshall type and good clean sound setting

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Hi there I just got the line 6 pod 2 and was wondering if anybody knows where can I get Marshall distortion and clean sound settings, will be easy for me just to copy some of them, Im trying to avoid the download stuff in the computer seems to complicated, all the information provided will be really appreciated, Thanks :) 

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You are better off getting used to the PC editing TBH. The sounds are there but each rig is a bit different - guitar, amp, etc. L6 Edit is pretty easy to use but that said:


Brit HiGain, Blackface 2x12 it needs gain and I liked the presence near full, eq to flavor. :) Fool around with the different cabs too as they can give some nice tonal variations. In the bedroom you can get away with less mids but with a band put them back in so you can cut through a bit more.


There is a decent Lick Library DVD on the 2.0 and probably a bunch of YouTube vids.

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