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Return to the return of a tube amp


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Hi guys,


after many attempts to have my Helix going with a frfr system, decided to go back to the poweramp of a tube amp.

Tried kaziliions of IR's (bought as well free) , CAB's, frequency cuts, patches (bought as well free) with my L2M but never got satisfied.


Play classic rock in a band and that creamy crunchtone is very hard to get.


At home at a decent level it sounds good to me. All the Helix members here, on youtube and facebook are having my tone and sold them to me.

My L2M cranked up in a band.......far away form that tone  I want.


I'm aware of the fletcher-munson (or something like that), down with bass/gain live, adjusting EQ and global EQ.... but now I'm al little fed up with it.


Last week I had to do a gig in a last minute and there was a frfr system on the ground.

Connect my helix (have the 110 Ohm XLR cable and 1/4 and...) and one muddy horrible tone.

Use a Variax JTV 69


Ajusting didn't help (global:line/instrument/EQ...). Clean was OK as well as my lead tone. The crunchy ones: horrible mess. Most of my songs: mess


The best tone for me I'm getting now with my Helix:

JTV -> Helix -> 1/4 out -> return twin reverb. no cabs, IR's. Using full amp.

Only pre amp is also a nogo for me. 


Tried L2M patches form a  board memeber, also not the sound


Dialing in a simple ACDC sound and via my computer: sounds OK

In a band: NOK


Cannot imagine that someone else here is not having the same issue as I'm facing now.

Like to here what the solution was



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I can't even imagine how your experience could be so dramatically different than everyone else's, unless you're listening for something entirely different than us.


I play plenty of classic rock type stuff from Joe Walsh to Queen to Stones to AC/DC...you name it, and I have no problem at all getting the tone I want.  But then again what I'm listening for is a studio version of the sound, or what I might hear coming off of a recording... and maybe that's what's throwing you.  Undoubtedly those classic rock tones are going to be much clearer and better articulated than a traditional live amp which tends to "mush" things together with the environment a bit more than an FRFR setup.  But even then I could never imagine calling it a "horrible mess".  But I guess it all depends on your subjective definition of what "a horrible mess" is....

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