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Software update instructions for Spider V.


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Just bought a Spider V 30 but can figure out how to load the update download into the amp.


I downloaded the 1.10 updater installer on my Windows 10 laptop. How do I get it from laptop to amp?


I connected the laptop to the PC input on back panel of Spider then pressed the home button. The display shows nothing.


Any ideas?

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Hi stratolini, 


Please ensure you also have installed the Spider V driver: Spider V Driver


After you have installed the Spider V Driver. Make sure to select the USB output going out to your computer. 


Then run the Line 6 updater. 


After signing in, you should then see your Line 6 device appear; displaying the installed firmware build.


After selecting your device, you will be directed to a list of all available firmware updates. Select the most current update available; the Line 6 updater will then guide you on the update process. 


Please let us know if you have any further needs. 



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Thanks for your reply.


Can you advise what kind of cable I need to buy to accomplish this? 


I'm not familiar with that type of input labeled for the PC/Android on the back of the Spider.  Can't remember ever seeing that type of hole anywhere.


Any chance Line 6 would provide the connecting cable?


Also, what would I need to connect my android phone to the Spider?

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It doesn't work for my spider v - 240. Windows 7 - 64. "An error has ocurred. Please try again".

No way from my Samsung J5 - Android 6.0. The update stay "in progress" indefinitely after download the software.


Anyway, why the Spider V driver isn't in the help page?. I didn't seen anything about this driver in the Line 6 support pages.



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If you go to support tab on the line 6 web page and select downloads. Pick your product Spider V XX leave it on all software and in my case windows 10 and click go.


Top link is drivers


4th one is 

Line 6 Updater       Line 6 Updater

Version 1.10
Released 9/23/16



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