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HD500 Dual Chain to Dual Amps (physical amps)


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Hi All


I've set up dual chains:


Chain 1 - distortion, tube screamer

Chain 2 - reverb, delay, chorus


How do I set up the HD500 to send each chain to 2 x physical amps?

So that chain 1 sends to physical amp 1 and chain 2 sends to physical amp 2.


Cabling - amp1 is connected to Unbalanced Output L/Mono and amp 2 is connected R/Mono


Recommendations are most welcome.


Cheers Dreese

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Thanks Guru

Both chains work perfect.

Turned uvolumes on both amps up high, set volumes using FX then all I need to do is turn up the master volume on HD500 to bring both amps up at the same time.


Also, great tip about not adding FX after the Mixer, better to keep all FX's in both chains which are split wet/dry.


Cheers L6'rs

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