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Weird 'buzzing distortion'


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Hi all,


I'm trying to set everything up ready for my first FRFR direct gig tomorrow night, and keep coming across this weird 'buzzing distortion'. It seems to be most obvious on low notes.


It happens even going input -> Amp (Brit 2204) -> IR (OwnHammer G12 SM57). Gain on the amp is set to about 5, EQ is around the middle for all.


Have tried adding the cuts on the IR (low of 230Hz has a slight effect, but it's still there). Speaker is a QSC K10.


Guitar is a Les Paul with Aldrich Suhr pups. The guitar pad setting helps it, but I much prefer the tone when it's off!


Please can anyone help?

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Is the low cut on the speaker turned on?  Most modern FRFR speakers have a low cut switch for either 100 or 125 hz.  Some have both.  You may be getting a resonant buzz from the speaker cabinet or something in the room.  Try raising the low cut on the IR and see if that gets rid of it.  I've had this happen in our rehearsal space and it ended up being a shelf on the wall that had a response to a certain frequency.  Once I got the speaker on the stage it disappeared.  Chances are you don't need any of those low frequencies anyway.

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Hi FarleyUK.

OK - don't use the pad - you don't need it.

Instead trouble shoot the problem.

First unplug the guitar lead from the Helix - does the noise go away?

If so turn up the gain on the amp - is it still quiet? 

Then just plug in your lead - do not connect it to the guitar - make sure the other end is not contacting anything metal - don't hold the tip etc - what happens - You should hear that bit of extra noise you would expect through any amp - but not anything extreme.  If you do - get another lead.

If its all good, plug in your guitar.  If you suddenly get a lot of noise, it's your guitar.

If when nothing is connected you have noticeable noise - it's the Helix.

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