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How would the X3 Live be as a backup to Helix for live use?

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I used to have an HD500X, but foolishly sold it after I bought the Helix. A few months later and I am getting more gigs. I figured I needed a backup in case the Helix stopped working for whatever reason.


The next foolish thing I did was buy a Zoom G3X as a backup. I can't even get mediocre sounds out of this unit... there is no definition to the medium to high gain sounds. Even as a backup this unit is a no go.


I need something that..


1) is light and portable

2) will sound good going direct to FOH and my floor monitor

3) I can program a solo boost into.

4) Can get comparable tones to my old HD500X


My local Guitar Center has a used X3 Live listed in "good" condition for $199. I like that it is at GC so there is a 30 day return policy.


What are your guys thoughts?

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$200 is a bit high for "good" on an X3L IMO ~$130-150.


I have an X3L but not a Helix so I can only really compare it to the HD.


X3L's FX loop is not as good - signal strength can be hard to tame for the 4CM at least, FX Order is not "really" flexible (some can go pre/post but not like the HD), I like the EQ'ing better (easier to use) though if you have the HD's eq figured out then the HD's eqs are/can be more effective, Dual Tones can be great. Studio Direct does sound good for FRFR "If" you Eq the fizz out of it (like the HD).


I do really like the X3Ls and they can deliver the goods. But based upon your question and experience I would suggest another HD probably a 500 non-x could be scored for near the $$ of that particular X3.

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^^ thanks for the advice. I should just be patient and wait for a 500 or 500x to come up on CL for a good price. I could really kick myself for selling the POD. :angry:

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