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DT50's win over some biased pros in the studio


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I have 2 DT50 2x12's.  I bought a Helix last year and quickly decided that was the way I wanted to go so I put my DT50's up for sale and a good price.  After a couple of weeks on craigslist here in Phoenix (not a small market) I basically got no offers.  So I decided to keep them just in case someone else using my studio needed them.


Jump forward to the last couple of weeks: I've been loaning my studio out to band working tunes for their next CD.  They tell me they're flying in their producer for the sessions.  I think nothing of it until I meet the guy.  Steve Berlin, grammy winning musician and producer, most famous for his work with Los Lobos.


Also, some clips of the band I'm working with to establish some legit:


Well, in summary, by the end of two marathon day sessions, we had 9 demos in the can, my beer fridge and Keurig are empty, and all of those guys are in love with my DT50's.


I will admit that the tones I've typically used on them were usually higher gain (and lower volume!) than these guys typically use.  They did a lot of CRANKED fender tones (gain dimed, volume and master vol at around 50%), not something I usually do, but it sounded great for their stuff.


These are guys Fender gives amps to for free.  I've seen them use Dr Z's and handmade customs on stage.  But I heard many unsolicited "wow's" and "this thing has balls" comments during the day.


To top it off, Steve Berlin questioned me on them at the end of the sessions because he wants to pick one up for himself.


So, if you're listening Line6, call Steve and send him a DT50 2x12 if you have any left!

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That is very cool! Just make sure they don't research the amp on the internet and find this forum chocked full of horror stories like:


"My DT50 Stopped Working!"

"DT50 Topology III Ringing Noise Extremely Annoying"

"DT50 Discontinued?"

"Why is my DT50 Droping Volume?"

"DT50 Lights Come On But There Is No Sound"

"DT50 Stopped Working At A Live Gig" (this one is my personal favorite cause it happened to me on more than one occasion)


I'm not a hater mind you! I love my DT50 and my DT25. When they decide to work... no, scratch that...when they decided to turn on and stay on at the volume I set, then the amp is brilliant! But my truth with these amps is that Line 6 has payed for a lot of shipping for both of my DTs' in my first year of ownership while under warrantee and now that they are out of warrantee, I have to pick up the shipping dime.


Right now my Firehawk is on its second trip to Line 6. (I know, right?) While it's gone, I've been rocking my DT50! Dusted off the old "Dream Rig" and it sounds absolutely amazing! Until, for whatever unprovoked reason, I switched a patch, and the DT made a loud humming noise and no sound came out of the amp. I had to turn everything off and on to get it working again.


Line 6 can send them all the free DT50s they want, I doubt they will get used or receive ringing endorsements if they have 1/10 of the problems so many on this forum have experienced.


But the amp does sound good!

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