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Which impedance for headphone using an amplifi tt

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i've made a really cool hi gain disto sound on my amplifi tt, and it sounds really good when i plug it to my guitar power amp (a marshall 9100 connected to a 1922 cabinet), but when i ran the same patch through the headphone output, the sound is completly different, with a lot of high frequency and clipping. Some effects are more present in the mix.


I've discovered that i can reduce the guitar level (by pushing the volume button), since the default level is far to high. This way, i can reduce clipping. Then, playing with the parametric EQ, i can get back to something hearable, but definitively not as good as through the guitar power amp.


I think that the cheap headphone i use on my ipod has a low impedence and they can stand such a heavy sound

Which headphone would you advise ? which impedance ?


should i create a version of my sound to be run through my guitar poweramp and another one for to be played through the headphone ?

is there a way to easily solve this problem ?



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I think Line6 recommends high impedance headphones for the PODxt  and HD.

That being said many users have no issues with low impedance headphones.

I have a pair of Sony MDR-7506 which are low impedance have no issues with the FX100, which is essentially the same hardware.


But yeah, you will definitely want to tweak your patches differently for you amp and headphones.

Headphones will be closest to the sound you would get if you record direct via USB.

With amps, in addition to  coloring the sound, patches will sound different at different volume levels.

(Lookup Fletcher–Munson curves)

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Thanks, this confirms what i thought.

Regarding some monitoring headphones in the 50-150 euros range, do you have any advices ?

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Impedance is a function of frequency. Go with headphones that have a

nominal impedance of 680-1.0k Ohms.


iPod earbuds are low impedance and are (typically) not well matched for

other devices from other companies.


Best to go with headphones that are more in keeping with generally accepted

in a wider swath of the audio industry. So yes, the Sony MDR series is good,

Sennheisers are not bad, and the AKG 240 and 270 series are good.

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