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Is It Possible To Control The Pod Hd Pro With A Diezel Columbus ?

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I'm a french user of the Diezel Herbert, I recently bought it and doesn't have any foot controler yet. I have a rack configuration and I 
would like to add a multi-effect rack such as the POD HD PRO. Can you tell me if is it possible to control it with the Columbus and 
save different tones ? Using a simple midi cable to connect them. 
I ask the question because some guitarists who use the POD seem to meet some problems when they want to connect it to a midi controller which is different from a Line 6 model (FBV,etc..)
Thank you very much.

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A friend of mine used to control his POD XT from a Behringer FCB1010 with no problem at all, but...
are you sure a POD is the best option for you?
I would go for something more fx-oriented, like L6 M series, something from TC Electronics, Eventide...

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