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Loud buzz through XLR outputs

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Just had a Spider 5 120 delivered. Only had about 5 to play with it.

I plugged the 2 XLR outputs to my PA. The buzzing was extremely loud.

I tried plugging the XLR's to a DI box first, but that didn't solve it. I tried the

ground lift switch also. Didn't change a thing. Anyone have any idea why

this is buzzing so loud? I have plugged many different multi effects in this way

without issue.


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Return it, exchange it.

It sound like something a service tech needs to get into, if it's doing that.

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It sounds like you have  the matter resolved.  - But, personally, I like to keep my noise gate off. If I can help it anyways.  I discovered when I used "XLR" to 1/4" Balanced & or Unbalanced (either will work) Into the board, The noise impact, well was too much. I was pretty bummed.   And You may or may not have been doing this.  - But,  I switched to where i am coming out of my amp with "XLR",  &  into my board with "XLR".  And now I am noise free. I do not need the use of a noise gate to be silent. - As long as I am not playing of course.  And screaming when I do. LOL,  Love it. Especially the fact that I have separate volume control between the amp & board itself. It's a first that I know of.  Anyways ,  Maybe this helps? Good luck. 

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