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Moving Patches Around


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So I have got a bunch of presets I like but they are all over the place.

I would like to get them all together starting with 1A.

Any way of swapping presets like making preset 21A now 1A, and 1A now 21A?

I don't necessarily want to over write things. I have made a list of presets I will never use,

so I could start over writing that way, but it would take all day.



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I typically do this with a tablet.  Not sure if this is possible using the amp menus.


I do this using an iPad.  If you're an Android guy, the process I describe below might differ a little.


Using the app, under the Tones section, I simply tap Edit in the upper right corner and then drag the various tones around with my finger.  This will rearrange the tones without overwriting anything.

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