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Helix LT and Native! WTF


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It is only the last week or so I became aware of the new LT and the soon to arrive Helix Native.

Unless you venture from just the HD forum it will be new for you too!


To me the incentive to get a Helix is going to be irresistible. All new bass amps plus the LT is about two thirds the cost. Not just that you get Native for $99 but the integration from your computer to the Helix and back. It is going to win hearts in Pro Studio's for sure especially if the sound quality is better than other similar software.


Will it be better or will it be as good that is the question.


Well Done Line 6



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Its tempting, but the price difference between the LT and Full version is such that I would consider just getting the big boy. The HD handles my needs and I am sitting on 3 of them so I am committed (for now). :)

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Yes I agree the HDs are great and not too far off a Helix.

While a full Helix would be the go, the LT really is clever.

Less ins and outs which for most is a non issue.

Lacking the s/pdif was my first concern but I realize that the over usb

functionality is all there in the LT which the HD's dont have.


But here is the crazy thing! I am still finding new and improved uses out to the HD.

It is incredible that after 4 or near 5 years now I still love it,is a testament how good the Helix

must be because Helix is so much more and improved.


Right now, I am using the HD as an FX device for bass plus since getting my new computer 

am having fun loading IRs which gives the HD new flavors.

I am also working out how to oversample on the way in as to me the Helix sounds like the HDs

in more detail' like better converters. My pessimistic self.

But alas even on the s/pdif out at 24 bit 96k I suspect 20 bit and the rest truncated.

So how do I upsample on the way in? Better still, swap out the converters chips for 

something better but is it even possible let alone worth it?

Meanwhile, still sounds good and amp interested in hearing the Native version!

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 Brand new here! Just went through the decision between purchasing the HD500x and Helix LT myself. I've read a lot about each unit (using the full Helix for most of that info)

Although the Helix LT looks fantastic, and has a great UI...I think for now the POD HD500x will suit me just fine.

  I actually did something a bit different to get reference for just how good the HD is. I went back to when the original POD HD500 was released and watched those videos from Paul Hindmarsh and others and read reviews from the same time. I was sold immediately.

     It's easy to get sucked into the hyperbole a new system like the Helix brings and think that it is VASTLY superior to the one before it (POD HD). The sounds don't say that. It is no doubt better, but anyone in my position should really go back in time to see how much people raved about the HD and also watch Robert Renman dialing up a Hendrix tone on a cheap Squier strat. I watched that video right after watching a Line 6 rep do a Hendrix tone on the Helix. Renmans was better on the HD500 IMO.

Anyway, just saying hello from a happy soon to be 500x owner. (delivery next Monday!)

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Happy in the pocket anyway!

There is no doubt the Hx models are not just improvements above the HDs but the Hx is above and beyond

the top contenders in ease of use, quality builds and as good or better in some cases in tone. Not to mention 

versatility and routing options put it in the headway.


The HDs are versatile units with some annoyances when it comes to consistent tone.

Fractal has great many amp choices and presets which work well from the get go. Helix also; but Helix

can be navigated and personalized where fractal is scroll the presets and minimally edit.


The HDs are fully editable and on the unit itself; sound better the more you tweak them where the GT100 is the opposite. 


If one decides to get the Helix Native we already got a variable impedience device!

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