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Amplifi 30 questions

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I'm thinking of getting an amplifi 30 but need some questions answered if poss.


Will my ipod 6 work with this?


Can i use my Helix through this...and how will it work?



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Yes your iPod 6 will work with it.


You could run the output of the Helix into the AMPLIFi, (best option the Aux In), however there would be no further integration.

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FYI: you posted in the non-speaker variant section (the TT (table top) or FX floorboard subforum) - but to clarify things a lot more:
Why do you want the Amplifi 30 if you already got a helix that has superior functionality in terms of modeling? Just to have a speaker?


Why not hook up to a home stereo? Why not a powerstage and a PA/frfr-speaker (or active speaker for that matter) or a classic guitar cab?


I mean owning a helix and then going through the smallest amplifi sounds a little pointless to me, only satisfying the play-in-your-livingroom szenario (where you likely could just hook it up to your home stereo) - so I kind of expected combination with a gigable version, something that can compete with a drummer/other bandmembers.


So it is not really a question whether you can hook up the helix to the Amplifi (yes you can, you could either hook it up via the Aux In as mentioned for using it as a mere speaker, or use the guitar input in combination with the fx-loop out on the helix if you want to add some additional processing in the amplifi). The question is: does that make sense for whatever is your end-goal?

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