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Can I use a XD-V75 mic with a XD-V70 receiver?

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Hey guys!


I own a XD-V75 system and I need to replace the receiver (had an accident with a speaker falling over my rack and it crushed it).


A friend of my mine is offering to sell me his old XD-V70 receiver which he claims is pretty much the same thing only without an USB port.


Apparently it has already been updated with the latest firmware and channel options, so he says that the receiver now goes up to 14 channels (rf2) which should work fine with my hand held mic THH12.


Can anyone confirm this? Will I be compromising any functionalities if I use a XD-V70 receiver with a XD-V75 mic?


Thanks for the help!



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Yup, they should work just fine.  I have a G50 and a VX-75, and i have many times used the handheld on the G50 and the belt pack on the VX-75.  You just can't cross over to the new generation G70 or G10 as far as I know.

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