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FBV short board MKII with Spider Valve 212 MKI

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I got a great deal on an original Spider Valve 212 (MKI) and I also found an FBV short board MKII.

Online they said that they are compatible but I don't see any documentation helping me understand how to use them together.

This is my first Line 6 purchase and I'd like to dig in. Can someone help?

Do they need to be configured together?

What does function 1 and function 2 do?

When I change banks, the name keeps flashing. So when I hit A,B,C,D, it goes back to what those were programmed in on the amp, not the corresponding bank I thought I was going to.

Help? Thanks!!

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Thanks - yeah, I found that too.  But it doesn't really address the original Spider Valve.  It does say that they are compatible, but that is it.

I guess I will work with the understanding the Function buttons should be the default Comp and Amp on/off.  

Just got them both so very much still learning.  I made the mistake of resetting the amp to factory - now all the cool presets that made me want to buy the amp are gone....

So now, I am looking for tables of how others have their tones since I can't upload tones straight into the MKI.

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I have the first generation SpiderValve and just picked up a used FBV Shortboard MKII. I used it for the first time today. It flashes when you change the bank up or down because it wants you to select one of the A-D presets for that bank. That way if you are moving up or down more than one bank, it doesn't change to a preset for each bank as you go up/down to the next one. I didn't even realize there was a MKI & MKII Shortboard until I looked at my MKI 2x12 manual and noticed the Shortboard diagram only shows a FX Loop switch (which it says turns the noise gate on/off), while the Shortboard II has the Function 1 & 2 switches. Since the Function 1 light switches on/off when you step on it, I'm assuming that's turning the noise gate on and off. I had the volume really low so there wasn't much noise to eliminate, and I didn't know what Function 1 or 2 was supposed to do at the time. Stepping on Function 2 didn't make the light go on/off so I was wondering what it was supposed to do. Now that I know there's 2 versions I'm assuming Function 2 doesn't control anything on the spiderValve MKI. Oh well, no biggie. I'll have to crank the volume up with a distorted preset and confirm it sounds like it is switching the noise gate on and off.


Hope that all makes sense and helps.

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