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Dt 25 Head with Marshall 4x12 cab


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Hopefully, there isn't another thread for this,...but I am about to have delivered a DT 25 with an HD 500x ( I am a lucky boy) 

I have already a Marshall 4x12 cabinet it is old but still working, is there anything I should be looking for when plugging this in ??  and if anyone has experience of using the Marshall cab, with the DT 25... does it go well. what would be the best way to use this with the HD 500x.

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I used to have the HD500X and I still have my DT25 head.  They make an awesome combo.  I preferred just using the L6 Link between the two.  I've run the DT25 head with several different cab configurations (4x12, 2x12, 1x12)  with no problems.  Just make sure you plug the cab into the correct output on the back of the DT so that the ohms match up.


Enjoy your Dream Rig!!

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get the dt50 it will pair even better headroom for days!!

Great set p, it is what I wanted but I had no time and only had 450$ to work with so I just got a Spider V, but I was going to do the pod500 hd and the dt50 together,.

Anyway your cab is either 240 280 or 300 watts, you want to make sure it is set to run 8 ohm mono or 4ohm stereo, so you can either run both speaker out cables into one cab in stereo at 4 ohms each or one cable to a cab and the other cable to another cab at 8 ohm mono.

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