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Hd500 Midi Control H&k Switchblade 100 Head

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I'm trying to configure the pod midi to control the program saved in my head H&K switchblade 100.


I follow the video tutorial posted on line 6 forum but nothing.


I connect on pod the midi on out/thru and on the head in input.


I configure the pod to send a program change (i also try with bank change) but when i press the configured button nothing happend.


Any hints?



I use the original cable (7pin to 5pin) used by the FSM434 MKII (the manual tells that the cable is standard).

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I'm just new to the midi controller side of the HD500, but I managed to configure mine to replicate control changes over midi. 
Don't trust HD500 Edit for that part of the patch editing. In my case it's not working correctly. It says it configures the switch/pedal 

as you demand, but it doesn't, so I advice to do it manually. It's one of the simplest edit menus on the HD.

Keep in mind that the HD automatically sends program changes when it changes patch, so it should already be changing programs

in the Switchblade (if both are on the same midi channel... check that, btw)

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