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Buying a Used Line 6 Ux2, I have some questions.

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There is a guy selling a Pod Ux2 for $40 and he doesn't have the cd or the cable. I have a spear cable so im fine there.



1. Can I get Pod Farm even if I don't have the CD?

2. Do I need to register it?

3. If the device is registered to the previous owner, can I call support and have them unregister it and register it for myself?


I want to use this with an Audio Technica at2035 for streaming on Twitch.

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1) Yes - see below

2) Yes - for PF2 to run, PF1 probably doesn't care but see below.

3) Hmmmmmm not sure but probably yes.


Blackface or Redface UX2? I don't have a method of telling this for sure but be aware. Redface = Pod Farm1, Blackface = Podfarm2 (but could be PF1 depending on date - IDK what that date or magic # is).

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You can download podfarm once you have registered the device with line 6. No need for the cd. The previous owner will have to deregister it before you can register it. Pod farm works on all a licence which is issued once your device is registered.

If the previous owner refuses, your only option will be to contact line 6 with proof of purchase, that's the only way I can see you getting podfarm to work.

It may work without podfarm if you download the drivers manually, but not with podfarm from what I have figured

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