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Pod Farm 2, Windows 8, Adding New User Loses Authorisation


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I've created a new user accoint on my Windows 8 machine. Now when I try to run Pod Farm 2.5 it says that it is not authorised. This was already authorised when I was logged in as the Main account/Administrator. How do I reauthorise without losing another authorisation from my L6 account. I believe there's a limited amount of times that you can reauthorise L6 software so I only want to reauthorise as a last resort.


I am guessing that the authorisation file is being stored somewhere that only the main account user can access. Whenever I install software I always choose the option to "allow all users to use this software".


I had the same problem with Ableton Live, but they allow Live to be installed on as many computers as you own so reauthorising there was not an issue.

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10 times in a life time. Cmon....
I buy a thing that MUST work for A LIFE TIME....if I have buyed it and i have registered with my mail. serial product it's lollipopin useless that way. 

Follow that equation:

My mail + my serial + my firmware = my license.

Why da lollipop you limited it at 10 times? It havent any sense.

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