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Workbench Not Recognising Vaxes


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Hi fellow dedicated vax users,


anyone experienced this problem?


I just recently transplanted the guts of my vax 300 into a strat clone body. An SX Traditional series - Alder body, decent neck now it's been worked over, complete with slotted tuning pegs.

A steal for a hundred bucks :D 



A bit of a painful process, mainly cos I replaced the L R Baggs piezos with Ghost saddles and I struggled to find the cause of low signal on some strings (turned out it was an earth problem, not my PCB soldering as I had thought).


Anyways, I have tried to connect it to workbench to adjust the output level (the Ghosts are definitely a bit hotter than the Baggs originals).


Problem is workbench won't recognise any variax is connected even though it's clearly running in the HD500 I am connecting through, and Monkey also recognises it. Same situation when I connect the Vax600 I have also - workbench doesn't recognise any vax connected.


I have tried different leads, and everything is up to date according to Monkey.


Am I missing something here - it wouldn't be the first time....



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Sorry for delayed response - no internet for a while in another house.


I already tried different cables, no change.


I finally got it to work though - in workbench it kept giving me two connections - one for the HD500 and one for a variax 300/600. I kept ignoring the HD500 connection, and clicked the variax each time - no dice. Then I clicked on the HD500, and then the variax and it finally played ball for me. Dunno what that was about, but anyways.... we have liftoff.

Having installed the graphtech ghost saddles I had to reduce the individual string volumes to .70 (70%) and they output pretty much the same as the 600 I also use.



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