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Spider V Remote No Device Connected

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Hi Everyone, a few days ago i got the Spider V 60 amp i immediately bought a USB cable to use it with Spider V remote.

Unfortunately it says No device Connected. 


I've tried on multiple computers.

I've got the latest Drivers installed.

I tried Line 6 updater as well, it doesn't show there either. Same for windows own device manager.


I am at a loss and reinstalling drivers and software doesn't seem to change anything.


Any suggestions?

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Make sure USB switch on back is set to Mac PC 


Restart system and try again. 


Did you Install drivers before connecting amp? If not, remove the drivers, and reinstall before connecting the amp to USB.

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Hi Vigen1,

1- The cable must be an USB OTG cable

2- Before to plug your phone via USB cable assume to put your AMP ON. So after, when you will connect your phone in the AMP the APP (SPIDER V REMOTE) will start automatically and miracle the device will be connected. I got the same issue...

I hope this can help you...


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