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XLR - 1/4 Separate volume control?


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Is it possible to control the volume outputs between the XLR outputs (to the mixer) and the 1/4's (to FRFR monitors) separately? 


From what I understand the Volume knob controls them both equally so I'm thinking not possible but there always seems to be a way with the Helix.


I send line level out the 1/4's to the FRFR's while the board gets mic level from the XLR's.


Reason for my question is the volume knob on the FRFR's is on the back and it would sooooo much more convenient to just reach down on the Helix and be able to turn those up and down without messing with the input to the mixer.

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Well, you have one volume knob.  You can set that volume knob to control any combination of 1/4 / XLR / Digital outputs.  So what I do is control the volume of my monitor, and leave the other output to FOH at unity.  So, the answer to your question is, yes, you can set the volume knob to control the 1/4, and leave XLR at unity for FOH and let the sound guy control you from there.  Go into your global settings and you'll find it.

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Here’s what I do.


I set the big knob on my Rack to control XLR volume, and send that to my on-stage monitor, so I can control that volume quickly.


I set the 1/4†outputs to have NO attenuation from any on-board controls. I send that to a DI to the board.


You can do something similar.

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