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  1. This is exactly what my guess behind the icon choice was. Not to mention how many more icons one would have to memorize if it showed unique ones for every that a chrome custom wah or the chrome or the weeper or the ... you get the picture. And they would be tiny.
  2. I'll be getting some IEM's this month and feeding those with my own mix off the board....I won't even be bringing a floor monitor with me. I'm so excited about carrying my guitar, my IEM's and my Helix into the club in one trip that I can't even describe it.
  3. THANK YOU!!! I can't believe how cheap this mod is. There is almost certainly some junk cry baby wah's in the back at my local music store that I can gut for this, awesome!
  4. That is absolutely awesome. I might have to give this a try too. I'm thinking find a cheap used one and re-purpose as an extra expression pedal.
  5. This is the kind of thing that annoys me to no end, rack gear with no inputs in the back....what ... the ... heck. It's something that instantly takes a device off the list for me. I'm sure the excuse is well it's for the studio and you can plug things in the yeah I can also have a cable running out the back that gets plugged into different things. anyway...I love the Helix more than any piece of guitar gear I've owned and simply wouldn't buy the rack version for that very reason.
  6. Me as well, I've used this single Bad Horsie Wah Pedal since it was brand new on the market. It was so noisy for me with the Helix I had to put a noise gate after it. I even got another 9volt adapter just in case my older one was going bad and no change. After so many years of that switchless feature, just no way I could ever use a switched Wah again. So, even though I don't feel the Helix wah's are all that great, when I saw Mission had a spring option and I was mostly sure I could make it auto on with the Helix, oh yes, I'm all over that :)
  7. Perfect, that's what I want and this will always be my wah pedal. I use the Helix pedal for expression and long volume swells. I gig a lot so I like to have the wah pedal auto engage as I'll grab it for random licks or something spontaneous. I didn't know they had a spring load either, I was looking it up on the Mission site and that's where I spotted the option. This is replacing my Bad Horsie as that wah pedal is noisy as hell with the Helix and I won't have to deal with another ac adapter :)
  8. Anyone using one of these expression pedals successfully for switchless wah? Some research tells me this probably works by setting the bypass parameter correctly so it activates when not in full toe position.
  9. Yep, my singer who covers some rhythm playing is picking up one of these and I'm grabbing one too. Put it in my guitar case for the gig as the back up, I'm not aware of a more perfect solution at the moment.
  10. I simply use my ears and adjust the channel volume on the amp block to balance between presets/snaps.
  11. Current preset is Jazz Rivet Mandarin 80 I'm using the expression pedal to go between full clean on the Jazz and and full dirty on the Mandarin which still has about 60% of the Jazz mixed in. On the Mandarin I'm doing 8.5 gain with master and bias at 10 but I found a fun thing was turning the Hum up to 7 or just a tiny bit higher. Makes this cool overtone type thing happen when bending notes up. Lead drive is Tube Screamer with gain 0 tone 3 level 7.5 I'm also using the free IR from Celestion, found I really like that one over all the other IR's I have.
  12. I like the new editor so much better. Feels more like a more modern piece of software to me now.
  13. Yes, really sounded good! I started thinking a cool thing would be assigning the drive and other parameters to the expression pedal and using that to fade between clean and over drive tones.
  14. Are the black friday coupon codes for single cabs at Celestion working for anyone? I just get a coupon not valid error.
  15. I'm currently using a Lenovo X1 Yogo laptop with Win10. Helix is connected via USB and I'll have Helix editor, Chrome open to YouTube and Reaper at the same time. I've never had the USB flake out. Nor any issue if I switch to my desktop. *one item of note is my laptop and desktop are clean installs of windows, not out of the box with factory bloatware. Just in case anyone is running their computer that way, know it will be significantly better with a clean install of the OS. Meaning only windows and the apps you need to get the job done.
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