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Fender Widerange Humbucker tone

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Hi punters,


I noted only recently, that on the later variax (HD) series, that the famous Fender Widerange Humbucker has been modelled (as used in some Thinlines, and Customs for a handful of years in the 1970s), and I wondered about these being available for the legacy variax models....


I know - don't hold my breath, and all that...


Some of my "go to" models have been kind of a tip of the hat to Keef, and I use P90 pups in a Thinline body - both neck, and bridge patches are in my custom bank 1, along with an open G, open E, and both pups on, in an out of phase setup, (for my 40s/50s jump blues style tunes).


I'm pretty happy with these models, but has anyone figured out how to get the Widerange Humbucker tones on the legacy variax models?


TIA, Ian.

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Custom patch using Workbench (not the HD one) would be the way to do it.

No new patches for the older ones.

Well, that's what I've done, using P90s in the Thinline, but I do wonder if there's another (better?) choice than the P90, being that the genuine Fender Widerange Humbucker, is a different kind of beast, compared to the Gibson PAFs. Would the Filtertrons be closer than p90s to the real deal CuNiFe based Widerange?

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