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проблемы � у�тановкой HD METAL PACK (dawnload problem)


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активировал его

но в окне LINE 6 LICENSE MANAGER Ñтот пакет не поÑвлÑетÑÑ


что делать?




Hello. Today I purchased HD METAL PACK

activated it

But in the window of LINE 6 LICENSE MANAGER, this package does not appear

what to do?



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Have you run the Line6 Monkey? You may need to update the firmware.


Yep that's what I was thinking too - the packs can't be "authorized" until the firmware supporting them is installed. Be sure to DL the latest HD Edit too for later. 

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based on your last pics posted above here, it seems clear that the metal model pack is correctly installed in your POD, otherwise the same metal pack wouldn't appear as active in the Editor infos about window..


FYI any model pack doesn't install new patches/presets in the memory of the POD, but only the new amp models, which you should easily find listed after the stock ones when you make/tweak a patch..


I also have a model pack installed in my device and it doesn't appear listed in the license manager window, I don't know if it is a conseguence of a pc reformatting or else, however the new models appear every time I do patches, both directly on the device and by the Editor..


to get the final proof that the model pack is effectively already installed and active into your device, press and hold the VIEW button directly on your device and with the arrows keys go the the last page (12) and there you will see exactly what you have

figured out, thanks

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