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POD XT with Pedals

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Hey, I'm curious which clean tone preset(s) are you favorite for using a distortion pedal with. I've noticed that some work much better than others.


Also, whenever I use my POD XT with a pedal the level is always lower when the pedals are engaged.


Has anyone else noticed this, or could it just be the pedals I'm using? My Boss DS-1 is the biggest offender. I get a good 3-4 dB drop with that thing, and that's with the level knob dimed.

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I don't have an amp at the moment, hence the pod XT. Is there anyway to find out if the pedal is causing clipping? I'm not aware of a level meter on the XT.


It could just be that it's on it's way out. The "Select" knob on the left doesn't even work anymore.. it just brings you to the "Manual" preset, so it basically just brings you back to the beginning. Luckily I can still choose presets or make my own with the Edit software.


I also just figured out that I've had Pod Farm this whole time.. gonna try it out this weekend.

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There is a some type of clip indicator on the bean. I haven't used it in a while, but I think the word clip is displayed when clipping. There are two types of clipping, coming in the input too hot, and a digital clipping. To rule out clipping causing the issue, turn you guitar way down, set the DS-1 Tone and Dist @ 12 O'Clock, Level dimed, then see if you hear a boost in signal when you turn the DS-1 on.

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Not saying that it is but it could be. It might be the DS1 is a tone sucker. :)


Too strong an input signal (like active PUs) and it has to be squashed so the signal can pass through its ad/da path safely - remember this is not analog but digital where the signal has to be logically processed according to the algorithms. How is the rest of the Pods chain setup? Do you have a compressor on? as it will squash anything going into it and increasing the input signal will still get you nowhere.

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