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Couple Of Questions

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1. Is anyone using D'Addario 9's on a Korean JTV59.  I got a couple of sets free with a cable and am thinking of trying them. The guitar is set for 10's and it looks like the intonation could be an issue on the 6th string if I go lighter.  Does anyone on here use them successfully?  


2. Only problem with the guitar is a loud click sometimes when pressing the tuning button to switch to positions 2 and 4.  It's a bit erratic - sometimes it's loud, sometimes quiet.  I can improve it usually by exercising the switch but wonder if anyone else has the issue and has found a solution?


Thanks in advance


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1. I use 0.11's on my 59 and I find them to suit the guitar much better...the extra tension makes for a better sound/sustain IMHO. Intonation will change of course, but that's eeeeeeeeeeasily overcome with a slight adjustment on the bridge!


2. that sounds like poor contact on the switch...If it improves by exercising, maybe you could use a bit of concact spray...or I'm just saying something really dumb...If it's under warranty, get it fixed!

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Be careful with 009's.  I used to use them on my Fender FMT Tele and found that because of the medium-sized frets, I would cause my guitar to go out of tune when I pressed down too hard on the fretboard (you know, in the heat of the moment).  Since the frets on the JTV59 are similar, I go with 010's.

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