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  1. I've made a fresh Windows 10 installation, Drivers work with Programms using ASIO Drivers, not working with Media Player or other Windows Applications. For Pod Farm works with Windows 7 compatibility Mode. Hope new Drivers will come son
  2. The only way to use the Express Pedal and MKII edit together is to connect your Amp via Midi to your Computer. You can use a USB to Midi Adapter for Example Midimate.
  3. Sometimes the Valve Edit Program doesn't recognize the midi connection, in this case I run Line 6 Monkey first, choose the correct midi drivers and run Valve Edit again. If you still have Problems try to reinstall the midi drivers on your Computer and unplug all USB devices. Look in the Device Manager of your Computer if Midi Drivers are installed correctly. If you have installed new audio drivers you also have to reinstall midi drivers
  4. I use FBV MKII to switch between Presets, Wah and Volume Pedal while the amp is connected via Midi. You can use Midi and FBV together. So I can edit Amp settings with my Laptop (Laptop and Amp are always connected), while using my FBV to switch presets and using Wah.
  5. You need a cabinet with 4 x 8Ohm Speakers. The Cabinet must have 8 Ohms, then you can plug it together with the internal Speakers to the 4 Ohm Output (8 Ohm pair)
  6. Hello, midi In and output can be used to edit Amp Settings and loading Patches. You need a Midi to USB Adapter. I use the Midimate II USB Adapter. It is always connected to my Laptop. I edit most Amp settings via Computer.
  7. do I need a Stereo Cable from JTV to switchbox
  8. Can I use the Line 6 XPS A/B Footswitch, for powering my JTV59
  9. Thanks now i have a Strat with only two Pickups, middle and bridge. Works fine
  10. Hello I try to change the output volume of the patches via the edit software , this works for all sounds except when I try the same with Spank then only the middle pickup is active trying to add the bridge pickup does not work I have to reload the firmware to get it to work again. Any ideas ?
  11. I use D'Addario 0.09 Strings on my JTV59 no problem. Perhaps you need to adjust your Trossrod a little bit.
  12. Is it possible to use the JTV-89 Bank (89.bnk) which is available for download, on a JTV-59P Model?
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