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Trouble Downloading Patches From Customtone

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I recently purchased an HD POD 500x and have been trying to download patches from customtone.com

there are plenty of patches that id love to hear but all i can download are those with the h5e extension i believe

anything else for example, l6t, or h3e are all errors.


I use the drag and drop method but like mentioned above it only works for the h5e extention. help please?

what can I do to download those patches?


Or am I limited to h5e patches?

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You are limited to patches/presets that are compatible with the Pod HD, Pod HD Pro, and Pod HD500 devices. Presets from previous product lines (like *.l6t), or the single-path Pod HD300/400 devices (e.g. *.h3e) are not compatible with the dual-path HD devices.


The HD500 presets (*h5e) can be loaded directly into HD500x Edit by drag/dropping, or be renaming.


The Pod HD and Pod HD Pro presets can be turned into *.h5e files using the tone converter utility generously developed and donated by one of the forum users. Thanks jzab. Here's the link to the utility:


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