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G10 Power Supply


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Yup! Any USB Power source providing a rated 5v and at least 1Amp will suffice. The G10 Receiver base doesn't draw anywhere near an amp regardless when it is acting as a receiver and signal base feeding 1/4 and XLR signals sumultaneously, nor when it is recharging the G10 Transmitter's battery.


The link you provided is a convenient and durable panel or frame mountable unit. However, for nearly $50, you would have lots of options. Many find a convenient rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack does the job as well. And, many of the better quality rechargeable lithium USB battery packs, have multiple USB outlets (some ranging in amperage up to 2.4A, and may be charged simultaneously as they are providing USB power to multiple devices.


Go with whatever best suits your needs.

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Looks like that would work...but...$50????? That is really expensive!


If you have some Do It Yourself skills, you can package the little converter below into something (Altoids can, small plastic box, etc...) and convert your 9VDC to 5VDC. 



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