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  1. Ha! Saw this thread title and instantly remembered watching your video from Chads group. Open it up only to find the same vid! You do a good job explaining things in the video. About to try some of these concepts in full stereo with my new HX tied into the floor unit.
  2. Would this be a suitable replacement for the adapter that comes with it? This way I could power the G10 using the same power supply that I use for my other pedals. https://www.templeaudio.com/shop/product/mod-usb-usb-power-output-module-352?category=6
  3. Im keeping my EM-Drive and I'm about to get the MXR Reverb. Other than that it replaced all my other effects. Its OCD model is dead on point. Don't really like any of the wahs that are built in but I don't use wah enough to warrant keeping my JHS wah. I sold the JHS to pay for my Relay G-10.
  4. I agree with the other responses on this post. However I would still buy a power conditioner anyways. Anytime you're running high end FRFR units or high end modeling units such as the helix you always want to have a good power conditioner/surge protector. I never used one until the power reset at my house fried a hole in the circuit board of my Pod Live Plus. Not only that but its great to plug one thing into the wall and have ample room for your laptop/tablet chargers and any other powered speakers you may want to run with you. I will use the Furman M-8x2 in conjunction with the SS-6B.
  5. I agree with both the gentlemen ahead of me. Although I would say for home use and mixing 5" will be just fine. Don't expect huge volumes out of them though. And please go find a store who has a display set up for detailed testing. Our Pro Audio Director uses a great display set up so that he can properly demo the speakers for mixing and editing. Not just playing a random radio station through them.
  6. sammycraig

    Bass Patches

    Interesting. I can't think of any reason you aren't getting that with the helix.
  7. One of the reasons Glen is so amazing is because he's so experienced with creating patches and mixing the sound. He tends to think way more like a sound engineer than a guitarist. And that gives him a huge advantage. Most guitarists don't really think about maximizing EQs in multiple parts of the chain or adding dual compressors before a filter. I love watching his videos of creating tones so that i can adopt some of his methods. And I constantly end up copying blocks from his patches into my own patches. One of the patches I learned the most from was his 3 channel amp patch and his organ patch. Such good use of modulation and controller assignment.
  8. Im pretty boring about how I use mine. But I'm getting some great ideas from this thread! Kind of excited about getting some extra expression pedals.
  9. Yup. Thats usually how I run mine. Is it just me or does anyone else love hearing that leslie speed up and slow down when you change speeds. L6 really nailed that sound.
  10. Sounds great man. Love hearing a Helix sounding great live. And Im probably about to buy his custom artist patches. How many of them would you say you use a lot?
  11. Make sure that you're running the cab separate from the head (AKA not a combo). With the leslie turned on and the standard cab turned off assign both to one footswitch. Then label the switch Leslie. When you disengage the switch it should turn the leslie off and the regular cab back on simultaneously.
  12. I think Glen Delaune sells a screen cover that has some effect on glare.
  13. Yeah. Even though I was constantly adjusting stuff It was really really easy to adjust with the helix. The edit mode was everything I ever would dream it to be.
  14. Thats a really good thing to watch for. Couldn't you get around it by just saving the preset at one of its min or max values?
  15. I haven't run into many issues with my expression pedal. It runs fairly smoothly for wah and perfectly for my volume. Although if I find it more comfortable I may run my wah on an external expression pedal in the near future. I remember the first time I used it live last year and I was constantly tweaking it to mix better with the band I was with. I actually found that my patches sounded way to thin and I ended up pulling my low ends up a lot. Also I had to put my reverb mix up. A lot of those changes had to be made because I was using my powered behrineger speaker as a reference and that didn't really reflect the patches accurately. Now I'm searching for a cheap powered FRFR speaker.
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