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  1. I play a Taylor 224Ce Koa, which I truly adore for fingerstyle, but with the Koa wood it's challenging to get a bright/airy strum sound from it. Used some high/low eq which has helped, but I just bought an IR package called "The Holy Grail" from "Worship Tutorials" and am very pleased with them. FYI, I'm not affiliated with them at all, nor am I even particularly religious. for that matter. They're just the best acoustic IR's I've used yet. Cheers.
  2. Tell me I'm not the only one here who's ever asked for this. I love my Helix and have for a number of years. But it's so frustrating to be editing a preset and, for instance, go to press on Snapshot 1, hit Bank Down by mistake and, just like that, I'm now in different preset and just lost all the editing I've worked on. Every software program I know has a saved prompt that protects you from that, because its too easy to get tunnel vision trying to get the sound your looking for. We now have an "undo" feature, which is great. Time to go one better, yes?
  3. My external expression pedal didn't function at all after this update. I went back to 2.71 and it worked fine. Guess I'll wait things out for now. I gig a lot this time of year and don't want to mess up the presets I have. As it was, I still had to redo all of my Variax settings, (3 hours before a gig, too). Oh well, I can live w/o what 2.80 promises and maybe go for the next update.
  4. After updating to 2.80, my expression pedal 2 didn't function at all. I realized this with about 4 hours before a gig, glad I did at least. Was looking for a way to calibrate it, till I remembered the Helix is supposed to do that automatically. Couldn't find a fix and am now back to 2.71. The expression pedal back to normal. Very hesitant to try the update again at this point, since I rely on that pedal a lot.
  5. Hi. Even though there are plenty of guitarists that think otherwise, I currently believe there's an audible difference between maple and rosewood necks and here's why. My JTV-69 (with a rosewood fingerboard) was overdue for either a fret job or neck replacement and I found a JTV-69 neck for sale, so went with that. This new neck happens to be maple and I didn't think it would effect my sound much at all, but it clearly has in some respects. On the plus side, my clean sounds have more note definition playing chords and I have more natural sustain, mostly from the new frets, I assume. But if I strum or pick agressively, the sound can get more harsher on the high end. Also, distorted presets are now pretty muddy in the low end. With my Helix, the global eq would be the way to go, I think, with some high and low cuts, which I've just started experimenting with. But, I'm curious if there's anyone here, like a luthier, who believes this difference still couldn't be related to the different necks. The neck fit perfectly. The bolt holes lined up. After attaching the new neck, I changed the tuners (to Gotoh) and tweaked in the action and intonation. But this is my first time changing a neck on a guitar, so maybe I missed something that could have caused this problem. Any non-snarky experts out there willing to chime in on this?
  6. I've had mine for about a year and a 1/2 now and just had a freeze on me yesterday with the 2.12 update. I was plugged into my computer at the time. Playing live though, I haven't had any freezes for about 6 months, thank god. For a while I was getting them about every 3rd show. Real buzz kill waiting for the power recycle to finish onstage.
  7. I recently played an outdoor gig with the bright mid-afternoon sun shining down on my Helix. It was pretty difficult to see the preset #'s and/or footswitch names until later in the day. I kind of set up this half-assed tent-like deal using an amp cover to shade it but it looked pretty lame. So, it's time to figure out the best way forward for this especially since I have a bunch of outdoor summer gigs upcoming. I'm thinking of using some anti glare tape on all the displays but curious what anyone else has tried for this problem. I know turning the unit on while holding footswitch 2 allows you to adjust brightness for the colored lights but I'm not aware any way to do that for the "white over black" displays. Any comments are appreciated.
  8. Hi Line 6'ers. I'm John, been using Line 6 gear since the late 90's. Currently performing with the Helix with a JTV 69. I occasionally will upload one of my personal presets to customtone and have always wanted to know how to add my comment about each tone. It's obviously being done by a number of you. However, I don't see an option for it on the upload page. The only options to click on are "browse" and "upload". Maybe I'm missing something simple (it's been known to happen). But it would be nice to be able to explain what I did and why with certain patches I've shared. Will someone be kind enough to solve the mystery?
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