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Helix as Interface on Linux


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Has anyone successfully been using the Helix as an audio interface on Linux?  I'm running Ubuntu 17.10 and the Helix does not show up as a device in the sound settings.  It is also not listed as a device if I run

aplay -l

When I start jack (using Cadence from KXStudio) it is not listed in the configuration section.


If I run


it is listed as a soundcard (Helix).


also lists the device.


I'm not expecting to be able to use HX Edit, just use the Helix as an audio interface.

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Wanted to share small update on current state of Linux support.


I am using Fedora 31 kernel 5.5.11-200.fc31.x86_64 that has out-of-the-box support for Helix product line.

I am able to use Ardour to record and playback on multiple channels.

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On 4/26/2020 at 5:39 AM, mac2222 said:

I've just tried Kubuntu 20.04 and helix is working out of the box with no additional configuration.




I'm also running Kubuntu 20.04.

I have yet to try and use my Helix with it though.

How consistently are you getting it to work and does it stay connected?



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I can confirm this is working in ubuntu 20.10, kernel 5.8.0-29 without any patching of the kernel.


I have a question though, was anyone able to change the sample rate to 96Khz? HX Stomp is capable of this and is Class 1 compliant so the drivers should be fine. But changing the sample rate in Jack Audio Connection Kit produces no change (the gui still shows 48KHz even after restarting the client).

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