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Variax Standard Battery/Charger

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I bought a Variax Standard a couple of weeks ago.  Within 24 hours it developed a "white noise" problem when in Variax mode, which I reported on this forum. I returned it to the online supplier, and they quickly replaced it without quibble.  The new guitar seems fine (so far) but there may be an issue with the battery and/or charger.

The indicators on the charger and guitar do not seem to correspond with the manual.  The charger instructions say that it will flash red once when first connected to power, steady red when charging, and flashing red when fully charged.

When the replacement guitar arrived I immediately put the battery on charge.  It was still steady red after an overnight charge of around 16 hours - no flashing full charge indicator.  I tried the battery in the guitar but only got 1 flashing green light, indicating minimal charge.

I put the battery back in the charge cradle, and immediately got flashing red indicating a full charge, but still only minimal charge detected by the guitar.

Now I find that I get a steady red light on the charging cradle when it is connected to the mains WITHOUT the battery inserted.  If I disconnect the power and reconnect it, I get various red flashes for a minute or so, then it goes back to steady red.  If I insert the battery again, it just stays steady red, even though the battery has had over 16 hours charging.  Battery faulty? Charger faulty? Or both?

I am very happy with my Helix, but I am beginning to lose my faith in Line 6 with my experience of the Variax.  Two brand new guitars with problems is a bit much.

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Could be a glitch in the charger or the power management circuit in the

battery compartment on the guitar. Also, make certain the when insert the

battery in the guitar that it connects correctly, as sometimes it may feel like

it is when it isn't.


If there is still a problem, log a support ticket in your account. When taking in

for servicing, be sure the guitar battery and charger are among the items that

go with it, so that the entire set-up can be gone through.



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On the 4th attempt the battery did end up with a full charge, so the battery looks OK.  However, the charger cradle indicator just stays steady red all the time, either without a battery in the cradle, with a battery that needs charging, or with a full battery.  Consequently it is impossible to tell if the battery is taking a charge, or when it is fully charged.  Makes charging a very hit and miss affair.

I have notified the shop - I am hoping that I can just get a replacement charger, and that I don't have to return the guitar as well for the second time in a couple of weeks.

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