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New Helix Unable to be Registered


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Hi all,


My registration attempt for my new Helix floor unit fails with an error saying that my ESN could not be verified.


I tried a couple troubleshooting steps: 1) I checked the typing and payed attention to where numbers and letters should go. 2) I changed browser and gave another try 3) I made sure my category selected was correct (the 21HDF prefix autocomplete matches what is on my Helix unit). And still, I got the same error.


I purchased the Helix unit at the end of November. Please help with advice and suggestions. I greatly appreciate it!



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If it was sold to you as new, a reputable dealer should be able to fix this.


If it's used and you knew it, hopefully you got the original purchase receipt, that can be used to transfer the warranty and the reduced price on Native. If not, it is what it is.


If you get really pronged, reach out to Line 6, Frank Ritchotte in particular, see what they can do.

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