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Duplicate Effects


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While looking at @hefonthefjords' great list of all FX models in the Helix (Thread Link) , I discovered that with the introduction of the Legacy Effects in Firmware 2.50 we now have multiple duplicates:


1. Dynamics: Red Squeeze <-> Red Comp (MXR Dyna Comp)

2. Distortion: Vermin Dist <-> Classic Dist (ProCo Rat)

3. Distortion: Tycoctavia Fuzz <-> Octave Fuzz (Tycobrahe Octavia)

4. Delay: Ducked Delay <-> Dynamic (TC Electronics 2290)

5. Pitch/Synth: Twin Harmony <-> Smart Harmony (Eventide H3000)

6. Modulation: 60s Bias Trem <->> Bias Tremolo (Vox AC-15 Tremolo)

7. Modulation: Script Mod Phase <-> Script Phase (MXR Phase 90)

8. Modulation: Bubble Vibrato <-> Pitch Vibrato (Boss VB-2)

9. Modulation: Analog Flanger / AC Flanger <-> (possibly) Gray Flanger (MXR Flanger)

10. Modulation: Vibe Rotary <-> Rotary Drum (Fender Vibratone)

11. Modulation: 145 Rotary <-> Rotary Drm/Horn (Leslie 145)

12. Modulation: 70s Chorus <-> Analog Chorus (Boss CE-1)

This list is possibly incomplete.


I haven't updated yet because I have a gig coming up. Did anyone compare those models yet?

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I asked about this in another thread. Apparently the M Series Effects were copied en-mass and it was easier to include everything than it was to leave the duplicates out.

The secondary benefit is that if you are getting short of DSP the legacy versions will sound similar but use less DSP.

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I asked about this in another thread. Apparently the M Series Effects were copied en-mass and it was easier to include everything than it was to leave the duplicates out.

The secondary benefit is that if you are getting short of DSP the legacy versions will sound similar but use less DSP.


What you say makes sense but I just saw a post that showed that that's not always going to be true. The example he gave is he was able to add an HX tube screamer in a certain patch but the legacy Tube Screamer was to big. Wouldn't let him add it instead of the HX version.

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(Note:doesn't scale up well in the mobile version... use desktop version on a mobile)



The following Models have Duplicates as HX Versions and Legacy


Distortion                                         Helix HX                            Legacy               

Chandler Tube Driver                      Valve Driver                      Tube Drive

Ibanez® TS808 Tube Screamer®   Scream 808                       Screamer

DOD® OD-250                                  Top Secret OD                  Overdrive

ProCo RAT                                        Vermin Dist                       Classic Dist

Arbiter® Fuzz Face®                       Arbitrator Fuzz                  Facial Fuzz

Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®   Triangle Fuzz                     Fuzz Pi

Tycobrahe® Octavia                        Tycoctavia Fuzz                Octave Fuzz


Teletronix® LA-2A®                         LA Studio Comp               Tube Comp

MXR® Dyna Comp                           Red Squeeze                     Red Comp


Pan / Panner                                     Pan/Volume category    Panner

Vox® AC-15 Tremolo                       60s Bias Trem                    Bias Tremolo

Fender® optical tremolo                 Optical Trem                     Opto Tremolo

MXR® Phase 90                               Script Mod Phase            Script Phase / Phaser

Shin-ei Uni-Vibe®                            Ubiquitous Vibe                              U-Vibe

BOSS® VB-2 Vibrato                       Bubble Vibrato                 Pitch Vibrato

BOSS® CE-1                                    70s Chorus                         Analog Chorus

Dytronics® Tri-Stereo Chorus       Trinity Chorus                   Tri Chorus

MXR® 117 Flanger                           Gray Flanger                     Analog Flanger / AC Flanger

A/DA Flanger                                   Harmonic Flngr                 Jet Flanger / 80A Flanger

Line 6 Original                             AM Ring Mod / Pitch Ring    Ring Modulator

Fender® Vibratone                          Vibe Rotary                       Rotary Drum

Leslie® 145                                       145 Rotary                         Rotary Speaker


Line 6 Original                                  Ping Pong                          Ping Pong

TC Electronic® 2290                        Ducked Delay                   Dynamic

Line 6 Original                                  Vintage Digital ?               Digital

Line 6 Original                                  Reverse Delay                   Reverse

Maestro® Echoplex EP-3                Transistor Tape                Tape Echo

Line 6 Original                                  Sweep Echo                      Sweep Echo

BOSS® DM-2                                    Bucket Brigade                 Analog Echo


Deluxe Memory Man                        Elephant Man                   Analog w/Mod

Roland® RE-201 Space Echo         Cosmos Echo                    Multi-Head

Pitch / Synth                    

Eventide® H3000                             Twin Harmony                  Smart Harmony


Musitronics® Mu-Tron® III             Mutant Filter                     V Tron / Tron Up / Tron Down




The following are Legacy effects that werent previously available as HX versions in Helix.

Distortion Models - 8  

Heavy Dist              BOSS® Metal Zone 
Colordrive               Colorsound® Overdriver 
Buzz Saw                Maestro® Fuzz Tone 
Jumbo Fuzz            Vox® Tone Bender 
Jet Fuzz                  Roland® Jet Phaser 
L6 Drive                  Colorsound® Overdriver (modded) 
L6 Distortion          Line 6 Original 
Sub Oct Fuzz          PAiA Roctave Divider 


Dynamics Models - 5 
Blue Comp               BOSS® CS-1 
Blue Comp Treb      BOSS® CS-1 (Treble switch on) 
Vetta Comp              Line 6 Original 
Vetta Juice               Line 6 Original 
Boost Comp            MXR® Micro Amp 

Modulation Models -  6-7
Pattern Trem            Line 6 Original 
?? Panner                 Line 6 Original - HX version is available in Helix Pan/Volume- ? 
Panned Phaser         Ibanez® Flying Pan 
Barberpole Phaser   Line 6 Original 
Dual Phaser              Mu-Tron® Bi-Phase 
Dimension                Roland® Dimension D
Freq Shift                  Line 6 Original 


Delay Models    -    6/7

Stereo                     Line 6 Original 
Dig w/Mod              Line 6 Original 
Lo Res                    Line 6 Original 
Tube Echo              Maestro® Echoplex EP-1 
Echo Platter           Binson® EchoRec® 
Auto-Vol Echo       Line 6 Original
Multi-Head             Roland® RE-101 Space Echo (Helix has Cosmos Echo - based on the Roland RE-201 Version, according to the HXFX manual)


Pitch/Synth Models -  6


Bass Octaver           EBS® OctaBass 
Octi Synth                Line 6 Original

Synth O Matic          Line 6 Original 
Attack Synth            Korg® X911 Guitar Synth 
Synth String            Roland® GR700 Guitar Synth 
Growler                    Line 6 Original 

Filter Models       -  8
Voice Box                Line 6 Original
Q Filter                    Line 6 Original
Seeker                     Z Vex Seek Wah 
Obi Wah                  Oberheim® voltage-controlled S&H filter 
Throbber                 Electrix® Filter Factory 
Slow Filter              Line 6 Original 
Spin Cycle              Craig Anderton's Wah/Anti-Wah 
Comet Trails           Line 6 Original



Not all legacy FX are available in stereo -


Notes taken from the HXFX manual - English .pdf


Legacy effects models vary in behavior, just as on the classic Line 6 effects from
where these models originated.
• Legacy Distortion, Dynamics & Pitch/Synth effects are mono.
• Legacy Modulation & Delay effects vary in that some are mono, some stereo,
and some mono-in/stereo-out, where adjusting the effect's Mix parameter
can narrow the stereo image that is fed into them. It is best to experiment
with these effects and tweak the Mix parameter to achieve the desired stereo
output results.
• Legacy Filter and Reverb effects are stereo.



Some Notes On the original Reverbs and Wahs in Helix.


Digital Igloo on The Gear Page


June 12th 2015

At launch, all reverb models are based on HD models, but rebuilt in HX. They sound notably better in Helix tho'. Eight of the ten wahs came from HD as well. All other FX models were created from scratch in HX.



july 2nd 2015

We felt that two HX wahs weren't enough, and the eight HD wah models were fairly simple to rebuild in HX (unlike models in other categories).




April 8th 2016

The only reason we ported 8 out of 10 wahs and the reverbs from HD (everything else is built from scratch in HX) is because we simply ran out of time. Ideally, everything in Helix would've been brand new. I'm not morally opposed to porting M-Class/HD models to HX, but we'd much rather make new stuff.




The 2 HX wahs -


UK and Teardrop.


BenAdrian -  TGP



Digital Igloo - TGP


The Reverbs and eight of the ten wahs are HD models rebuilt within the HX engine. We also rebuilt Doom, Epic, and Elektrik, but they're favorite custom hybrids that, IIRC, utilize some HX components—will have to confirm?

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