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Is the POD X3 still worth it?


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Yeah, I think so!


I still use mine for recording, despite having a Fractal AxeFx II XL+ and three of the POD HDs. (500, 500X and Desktop). The bass presets are great and I dig the acoustic presets as well. It also has a mic input; I use mine to record with my talkbox and it works great. You can also use a HOSA MIT-129 adapter to turn the mic input into a second guitar input and run outboard stereo effects into the X3. It's easy to operate from the screen and the learning curve is pretty easy. You can usually find them at a decent price too. There are also mic-stand mounts for these that really come in handy and it works just as well on a desk or slid under the handle of a combo amp. I'm still very happy with mine. If you can snag a nice used one for under $130, you're getting a lot of bang for the buck.


I've attached a picture of my HD Desktop, but the X3 works the same way. The HOSA MIT-129 adapter plugs into the mic input and then a standard guitar cable plugs into the adapter.


          Hope this helps!! 


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Hi there, I've just recently bought a Pod X3 live and i'm having some problems getting Pod farm to work on my PC.

I've connected the device to my computer and updated the drivers (Basically everything on Line 6 monkey is updated apart from the Pod Farm).

Did you have these issues when trying to use Pod Farm?



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