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Model Select Knob Replacement ? and some other questions

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Hi, I just bought a used Variax 300. At least I think its that model.


It needs a model select knob. Where can I get one ?


Also what do I need to get the guitar work ? Do I need a special cable ? I don't need the XPS mini adaptor, do I ? Batteries should work ?


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Go the support part of the site to download the operations manual.

Most of that should be in there.


Do you need just the knob, or the whole selector?



Oh, by the way,.... this is Forum page for the Legacy Variax, not the newer ones.

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Thanks. Isn't the 300 a Legacy model ? 


I installed new batteries and there is no sound other than a squeal at first. I'm wondering if I need the model select knob installed on the guitar because of the tab that sticks down into the pot ? I don't want to invest too much into it. The new knob is on the way from Full Compass. I only paid $50 for it but it looks like it was played maybe 2 or 3 times.


Should this post be in "Variax Guitars / Bass / Workbench" ?


Thanks for all your help.

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