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Confused about using the Spider amp with Cubase LE


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Hi. I've been trying to record the amp via the USB connection straight into my PC then into Cubase LE. But I get sound from the amp and from my computer speakers, and the sound from the computer speakers are delayed just a bit. I'm assuming that since we get a copy of Cubase LE that this is all supposed to work correctly. So what am I doing wrong?


Are we supposed to use a recording interface? And if so, how do you connect the Spider amp to it?



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It sounds like you may need to adjust your buffer size in Cubase to reduce the latency. You could also change the output so audio from Cubase is monitored from just Spider V or your computer's internal sound card. Spider V will still produce guitar sound unless you turn the volume down all the way on the amp and use your computer speakers to monitor.

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On 6/20/2018 at 2:46 AM, lumper said:

where did you get the activation code for cube base?

I cant find it.


As I remembered, you just have to register Spider V product in this website.

Then, you will get an activation code which you can use it at steinburg site.

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Thanks I found it and got it set up, I am having other issues now, uggg.

I just wanted to record my guitar work, but I can not figure this stuff out.

Thanks for your reply, I do appreciate it.



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