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Do You Use The Tuner In The Pod Hd?


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Same problem I had.  Check out the input allocation on that patch.  Tuner only works on input 1 - so if you have, say, a Variax connected but "inputs" are specified as Input 1= Guitar, Input 2=Variax, then - even if only the Variax is actually connected it won't show up or register in the tuner.  It's totally frustrating if you regularly use both a guitar and a Variax with the HD500. Crazy arrangement!


Correct.  It is the way it is designed.  The TUNER only works for whatever is connected to INPUT 1.   I have never understood why it is like that and I have just worked around the limitation when I have encountered it.  Why can't the tuner also be used for INPUT 2?  Maybe there is some good technical reason why but I have not seen anything reported to explain it.  Perhaps it has already been mentioned on Ideascale and if not, perhaps it should be suggested.

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I use it on my HD Pro, works fine. I use the shortboard tuner for quick tuning checks, and when i want more precision i just go over to my rack and use the actual POD HD Pro unit, which is very accurate and easy to use.


This is exactly what i do. The tuner on the HD pro display is great. I do intonation with it no problem. The floorboard is just good for "good enough" tuning. Not sure what the tuner on the 300,400,500 is like, but on the HD Pro it works great.

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