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Mainstage setup with Helix?


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You may have better luck on the MainStage forum at You'll need to explain that HXN doesn't support direct MIDI control, but it can be controlled via controller assignments. Not sure how you'd do patch changes, though .... although you could likely do snapshots.

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With mainstage you set up a new patch for each sound you want.  So for example set up patch 1 to be "Clean" and assign Your HXN plugin to that mainstage patch, set the tempo, add other effects, etc..  

Set up as many mainstage patches as you like, each with different group of effects. 


Mainstage can change patches via midi or keyboard commands.  To go to the next patch try 

Command-Down Arrow
Select the next patch

See here:


I'm not at my music computer so can't try this at the moment.  

Good Luck. 



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I just did this recently. I'm using an Apogee Gio to control and switch patches with MainStage. I set it up with my Snapshots and use the Gio to change snapshots per song. It worked fine although it was my first time using it to record live and I was a little rushed and not as prepared as I'd like to be but it worked well. I know this original post is a couple of years old, but if anyone is wondering, yes, it can be done. 


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